7 Items You Need to Bring to the Shooting Range

7 Items You Need to Bring to the Shooting Range
What gear and items you need to bring to the shooting range for it to be a successful and safe outing

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One thing to make your first trip to the shooting range more successful is having everything you need on hand.

Make sure you have ammo and the essentials. Here is what to keep in mind as we go through this list of important items that should be brought along on every trip to the shooting range.

What to bring to the Shooting Range

The best decision is to bring extra ammo because people never know when it's going to come in handy and nobody wants a preventative migraine when you're trying to shoot. It's always a good idea to bring your firearms cleaning kit.

Yes, anyone can clean their gun all day but the goal isn't just getting your gun back on par for today; the goal is keeping your gun one hundred percent operational. Bring extra magazines of different size, a holster or storage case for your firearm, and a bag that has pockets and holes so you can keep everything organized. We will go more in depth below.

Things you should always have with you when shooting

By changing your regular routine, you become more efficient when it comes to firearms. Instead of lugging a bunch of extra gear around the range such as ammunition and hearing protection, try keeping these 7 things with you when you go to the shooting range. This list excludes the obvious such as ammunition assuming that you can buy some at your range and your firearms. If you are thinking of purchasing multiple firearms, this would be a good reason to bring them to the shooting range.

  1. Safety Glasses

2.   Ear Plugs

3.   Cleaning Kit

4.   Gloves (only useful for close quarters shooting)

5.   Range bag

6.    Overhead Ear Protection

7.   Shooting Targets

Clothing Tips for the Shooting Range

When you plan to go shooting, one of the best things you can do is wear clothing that is appropriate for the range. This applies to footwear (no flip flops). It will help you avoid certain risks so that your clothes don't get ruined by a stray bullet or shrapnel. You should also bring enough food and water for the whole session, as well as all of your ammunition.

Gun Care Tips When You're Not Shooting

If you're new to shooting or even if you've been doing it for a while, there are several things you might want to take into consideration before heading out to the range. Although guns can be pretty easy to of use once you get the hang of them, practice makes perfect and safety tips should always be priority for club members.

No matter what you're training with at the range, do yourself a favor and make sure that it's in good working condition. Your club is more than happy to help with any questions on weapon maintenance.


Completing a shooting range might seem like an extremely daunting task; however, making sure you have the tools and equipment to get started is not much more difficult than some minutes of research.

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