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Firearms To Go: a US-based online firearm resource and so much more...

What is Firearms To Go? We see to become a reputable United States based website that provides expert advice on relevant information for purchasing all things firearms online legally in the United States.

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We believe in providing an avenue for one of America's rich traditions that has been a staple of our freedom since the founding of this country.

Each edition of our thorough and in-depth buyer's guides includes:

  • Condensed, full-color spotlight articles
  • The biggest topics in gun conversations
  • An open dialogue that is meant to be engaging with our audience
  • Ballistics tables and cartridge references
  • Firearms catalog with the latest MSRPs!
  • Select partners with our preferred online firearm retailers

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Firearmstogo.com is your opportunity to keep up with what’s going on daily in the world of the firearms, especially online. Our extensive site houses a unique perspective and insight of firearms content that grows in scope with new on-target gun reviews, shooting advice, concealed carry advice and much more added each day.

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I've had guns sprawled out all over my house ever since I was a kid - so it wasn't always with one particular person or one type of firearm. Eventually, I became more interested in certain models and brands and started shopping for them. The problem I ran into was there were so many different websites, stores and brands with limited knowledge about what each offered. Let alone, one direct resource that serves as an intersection for where is the best place to purchase a firearm online. So I decided to do something about it...It started when "What's the best gun?" became "What kind of gun should I buy? What am I looking for? Where can I buy it online?" That's when Firearms To Go was born.

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