The Best Firearms for Home Defense

The Best Firearms for Home Defense
The best firearms for home defense - a compiled list

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There are a lot of firearms on the market today so there can be confusion about what firearm to buy to protect your home. It is not always easy to wade through all the noise, from budget pistols to high-end precision rifles. We've discussed some of the most popular and efficient firearms for home defense and safety in this article.

Handguns for home defense

One suggestion is a Glock 23 if you're looking for a compact sized handgun for home defense. Measuring 7.34 inches long, the Glock Model 23 is an extremely popular concealed carry weapon and home defense weapon. Featuring a double-stack magazine with compatibility with five rounds 9mm (9x19) or six.

It isn't always easy to know what firearm you can use for self-defense, but you'll gain a lot of insight into your choices if you check out this article.

Rifles for home defense

A rifle is the most versatile firearm and arguably the most suitable for tactical use. Two variants are best for home defense, bolt-action and semi-automatic. Bolt action rifles have less recoil and are generally easier to fire for inexperienced shooters. However, bolt action takes longer to reload than semi-automatics, so it is more appropriate for use against multiple intruders from a fixed position.

A rifle should be your first choice for home defense if you can afford one. While rifles have many benefits, they are not the best choice for all situations. For example, if a house has considerably high ceilings, an alternative might be necessary to knock down wallpaper or bust through drywall to hit the target at high points.

Shotguns for home defense

Shotguns are among the most effective firearms for home defense. Shotguns have a larger ammo capacity. Shotguns also benefit from being able to shoot various rounds types such as buckshot, slugs, and birdshot.

Shotguns are the best option for home defense because they offer many advantages over other firearms. For one thing, shotguns do not have a magazine and can only fire as long as there is ammunition in the chamber. This means that it is a highly reliable weapon for self-defense because you will always have bullets. Shotguns also have a wide range and can be used to protect from intruders and livestock, pesky animals, or even an accident with your garden hose.

What firearm to choose for home defense

A handgun is the best choice for many people when considering firearms for home defense. Tactical handguns can be more effective than hunting rifles, shotguns, and most other types of firearms, and they're also easier to maneuver. One of the essential features of a handgun is a flashlight that attaches to the gun's accessory rail. This will allow you to use illumination when needed and aim at your target in low lighting with ease. You can still attach a flashlight to a rifle or shotgun, worth noting.

Handguns are one of the most popular firearms. They are small and light, making them easy to carry around in your purse or a bag. They have low recoil and low noise, making them a good option for home defense if you have an intruder or multiple intruders in your home.

Types of Home Defense Weapons

Various home defense weapons are available, such as guns and tasers. Guns have a long reach and penetration power.

Home defense weapons can include handguns, shotguns, the more traditional long firearms such as rifles and sniper rifles, and less-lethal weapons like pepper spray, tasers, and stun guns. Some crossbows can be purchased for hunting purposes but can be manipulated to work for home defense purposes.


The underlying point of this is to inform the people on what weapons to use for home defense.

When choosing a weapon for home defense, make sure you consider what you need. If you have children, be mindful that firing indoors will produce noise especially from firing a semi-automatic rifle. If your house is in a remote area or says on the upper level, a semi-automatic rifle is perfect. Lastly, rifles with good shot patterns are the best option if you want to protect yourself and your property against bears. There are many different types of guns, but each works best in certain circumstances depending on your situation and preferences. Optics Planet Logo - Gun Classifieds