Best Shotgun for Home Defense in 2023 - Mossberg 500's

Best Shotgun for Home Defense in 2023 - Mossberg 500's
Mossberg 500 series - best shotgun for home defense in 2023
When it comes to home defense, there are a couple of routes you could take. Some people prefer handguns or assault rifles, while others believe shotguns are the only practical option to protect their homes. Choosing the best shotgun for home defense is important because not all shotguns are created equal. God forbid you have a misfire when confronted with an imminent threat.

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One of the best shotguns available today is the Mossberg 500 series. Mossberg has been a pioneer in the development of innovative firearms since 1919. With over 100 years of experience in the firearms industry, it’s easy to see why the M500 series is a must-have in 2023.

Mossberg’s 500 series includes the Mossberg 500, Mossberg 590, 590A1, and 590M. This article will go over the M500 series and help you decide whether the 500 or 590 is right for you.

Why Is the Mossberg 500 an Excellent Home Defense Shotgun?

The M500 by Mossberg was first introduced in 1961 with two purposes in mind. The first purpose was hunting, and the second was to compete with the popular Remington 870.

As a result of nearly 30 years of competition, both companies have developed affordable high-quality shotguns for consumers to choose from.

There are several shotgun variants in the M500 series. Variations can be found in the barrel, the stock, grips, and recoil pad assemblies.

What makes the Mossberg 500 series such an outstanding shotgun? To answer this question, it must meet the three basic criteria for home defense. These are:

  • Is it reliable? (Fires every time you pull the trigger)
  • Is there a flashlight option? (Identifying what you intend to shoot is critical)
  • Is it maneuverable in the tight confines of a house? (Long barrels are a bad idea)

Because of its customization, it’s easy to get the perfect M500 series shotgun that meets all three requirements.

What Are the Differences Between the Mossberg 500, 590, 590A1, and 590M?

The M500 is a great shotgun for home defense, but if you want to step things up a notch or two, you may want to consider the 590, 590A1, or the 590M. Notable differences between models are:

Mossberg 500

  • 8-round magazine tube capacity.
  • Available in more than 20 variations.
  • It comes in three gauges: 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and .410 gauge.
  • Lightweight.

Mossberg 590/590A1

  • 9-round capacity.
  • Military and law enforcement professionals have used it for decades.
  • A tactical tri-railed forend permits easy attachment of railed accessories.
  • It has a six-position adjustable stock that can be adjusted nearly four inches. No tools are required.
  • Heavy wall barrel and a metal trigger guard (590A1).

Mossberg 590 M

  • 11 round magazine fed
  • Heavy walled barrel


Any shotgun in the Mossberg 500 series would make an excellent home defense weapon.

It’s easy to modify and has multiple variants. It’s also suitable for both first-time and experienced users who wish to keep their home safe from intruders. The base M500 shotgun is a good starting point for beginners who want a simple yet reliable shotgun. The 590 is ideal for experienced owners who want more tactical customization. Optics Planet Logo - Gun Classifieds