Online Firearms Buying Guide: Here are some things you should know when buying a gun online

Online Firearms Buying Guide:  Here are some things you should know when buying a gun online
The facts that you need to know to buying a firearm online and how buying a gun online works

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Find out how buying a gun online works for the United States

With the internet making everything more available and accessible, it may seem more convenient to purchase a gun online rather than a brick-and-mortar store.

But this comes with risks. If you don't practice safe purchasing habits, you'll have no idea how your firearm actually functions until it arrives at your front door. There are several resources to find out more information and other resources online to find out where to start the process.

How do background checks work for online firearms purchases?

If you have a clean criminal record, you are "free" to start the process of buying a gun online through direct retailers. If your record isn't so clean, however, the federal law says that you will be denied from purchasing a firearm from an unlicensed seller at any location. Instead, gun stores near you will do your background check and give the registration of ownership to the seller for which you are purchasing the firearms through. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms may be contacted by email at [email protected]. It is important to be in compliance with Federal Laws before running your background check. If a firearm is going to be primarily used for sporting purposes, consumers are not required to submit fingerprints. However if the firearm will be used for other purposes like hunting or self-defense, fingerprints might be needed, depending on your state.

How do gun transfers work for online purchases?

Most gun stores and ranges offer an FFL transfer service. If you're purchasing a gun online, the FFL holder can provide the firearm in person once you come in store to pick it up. This is a safe way to purchase guns online. There are also some websites that specialize exclusively in shipping firearms that can act as your middleman so both parties know they're safe with one another.

Purchasing a firearm from a licensed dealer online is not an instantaneous process. There are three ways that guns can be transferred to another person in instances where the sale does not take place at one of the licensee's physical locations. If someone is traveling to a licensee's physical location, it is possible for the seller to go down and transfer their ownership on-site before handing the gun over.

The second way is by completing an ATF form 4473, what this accomplishes is allowing the transferee to own the firearm in question legally mere minutes after filling out all of the required FBI paperwork with their information and paying $35 for background checks - this process will typically only take about twenty minutes or less.

The third and final way would be for you, while there are many websites that can be used to sell and buy guns online, there is generally a strict process.

Gun sales are not like other products, such as clothes and electronics. Most lawyers argue that by using the internet for anything that implies buying or selling weapons it constitutes a transfer of property. Setting up a trust account in your name can help companies adhere to this rule.

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