How To Get Your LTC (License to Carry) Online

How To Get Your LTC (License to Carry) Online
Getting Your LTC is just as important as getting adequate training of shooting and handling your firearm

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A LTC is a license to carry a concealed firearm in public. Although many states are now passing laws that allow the carrying of firearms without an LTC, it is still important to understand the benefits of having one before making a decision on what to do in your state.

What is a License to Carry?

According to, a License to Carry (LTC) is a legal designation that entitles the bearer to carry concealed firearms in public. The holder of the license may not be a convicted felon or have any other real restrictions on their possessions.

What are the requirements to get a license to carry online?

It is important to check your state laws for their requirements on LTC ability and application process

To get a Texas license to carry (LTC) a handgun, you must:

  • Be 21 or older unless active duty military.
  • Meet federal qualifications to purchase a handgun.

Benefits of Getting a License to Carry?

Getting a license to carry may not be everyone's idea of fun, but it is a personal responsibility. If you are interested in obtaining a license, it is important that you are aware of the responsibilities and obligations that come with it along with getting adequate training of handling a firearm.

  • By getting an LTC,  you will be taking advantage of the training that will be required to obtain your permit and avoid any accidents.
  • During the LTC training you will be learning the laws, safety use of a firearm, situations that you will encounter and more.
  • Having an LTC is always an advantage, that will show you that you are a "good citizen".
  • Having an LTC makes it quicker for you to be approved to get a firearm.
  • Getting an LTC doesn't require a lot of time or study.

When considering whether or not to obtain a concealed weapons permit, it is important that you feel comfortable with the responsibility that comes with carrying a loaded handgun in public.

If you are looking for popular concealed carry weapons once you obtain your LTC, we compiled more information for you here.

How Much Does an LTC Cost?

The cost of an LTC class varies depending on the state and the instructor. There are in person and online classes and can vary between $40-100.

How do I Apply for an LTC in My Region?

This process is different for each region, but the general guidelines are as follows. It is also important to ensure you are in compliance with Federal Laws when buying a gun online as well. First, make sure that you are eligible. You must be a resident of the region in which you are applying and meet certain age restrictions. You also need to provide a specific reason for needing an LTC: target shooting, hunting, business purposes, or self-defense. For some regions, you must already hold a permit for a handgun before applying.

You must take an online or in person class, to go over the laws and safety. After the lessons you will take a test to see your knowledge, where you must have a minimum of 70% of correct answers. Next you will be able to book your shooting test, so they can evaluate your ability to safely use your firearm.

The last step is going to a the DPS (Department of Public Safety) where they will be taking your fingerprints, a picture and running a background check.

Once you have completed all those steps,  submitted your documents, and gotten approved, you will receive your LTC in your mail.

Then you are ready to safely buy a gun online.


Although some states don't require you to have a LTC, if any situation occurs, it is never a bad thing to be able to show that you took your time to learn about the laws, and you have taken the safety measures to be carrying a weapon in public. Last but not least, if a police officer stops you and sees you have an LTC, they likely will be seeing you as a "good citizen", and that can be very beneficial in many situations. Optics Planet Logo - Gun Classifieds