5 Unique Gift Ideas for Gun-Lovers

5 Unique Gift Ideas for Gun-Lovers
What unique gifts and ideas can you give to gun-lovers? Find out in this post

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Choosing a gift for someone who appreciates guns can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be! So, we have you covered whether the person you're shopping for owns dozens of different guns or occasionally uses one for hunting.

Whether you're on their Christmas list, their birthday is coming up or want to just thank them, these are some of the best gift ideas for gun-loving friends.

Gun Supplies as Gifts

To ensure that you're buying the right gift for your gun-loving friends, you can keep a few things in mind. First of all, they could always use some supplies or accessories for their guns. One of the main items they will want to use their weapon for may be hunting and fishing, so it would be helpful to ask them what type of activities they do. If they are a shooter that practices target shooting, that also can be a great indicator of what type of supplies to shop for. Usually they know what they want, leading them to purchase most items themselves. Ask for budget limits because even if your friend isn't too afraid, they do have a limit on how much they can spend on maybe an excessive item list.

If you know someone who loves guns, tons of great items can cater to their interests.

For example, a range field-kit with a tactical notebook and pen is a great gift for gun owners who like to spend time at the shooting range.

Rite in the Rain Weatherproof Tactical Field Kit: Tan Cordura® Fabric Cover, 4 5/8" x 7 1/4" Tan Tactical Notebook, and Weatherproof Pen

For someone that takes their target practice somewhat seriously or enjoys the outing, this is a great nifty present without breaking the bank.

Another cool present as gun supplies is the MTM Ammo Crate.

MTM Ammo Crate

More Cool Gifts and Presents For Gun Lovers

It's always a challenge to find that perfect gift for the serious gun lover in your life. Here is a list of eight Christmas gift ideas that are sure to please someone who enjoys firearms:

Wild Shot Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit with Aluminum Bullet-Shaped Storage Case, Cleaning Tools to Effectively Maintain Handguns, Shotguns and Rifles
Bullet Whiskey Stones Gift Set by Royal Reserve | Artisan Crafted Chilling Rocks Scotch Bourbon Glasses and Coasters
WineOvation Electric Gun Wine Opener (Black)

Whether you're looking for a personal gift or need stocking stuffers, these are some cool gift ideas for a gift that doesn't cost too much money. The wine opener is a fun one!

Other Gift Ideas for Gun-Lovers

You may be on a budget this holiday season or just haven't been to find the perfect gift for a gun-loving friend. One option that might work is an excellent old-fashioned coffee mug with an engraved firearm. There are many different designs, from traditional revolvers and pistols to AR-15s and other rifles. Each coffee mug also comes with a matching novelty cup so you can share some of your favorite firing blends.


If you know someone who loves guns and feels at home with them, just buying them a gun is a perfect present. However, security concerns arise when thinking of guns as gift material. With this in mind, consider shopping for gifts other than guns.

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