Gun Safety For Beginners: 3 Basic Rules You Need To Know

Gun Safety For Beginners: 3 Basic Rules You Need To Know
Gun safety for beginners is crucial. Know these three basic rules that will prevent mistakes happening

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Safety is vital when it comes to handling guns. Knowing and practicing the basics of gun usage is essential to keep yourself and others safe.

If you are a beginner with handling firearms or exploring gun ownership for home defense, never forget these three basic firearms-handling rules.

3 Basic Rules About Gun Safety

Whether you are a gun owner, safety around firearms is a shared responsibility. It is up to you, the owner to enforce proper etiquette when handling a firearm.

Beginners can follow three simple rules that require other people to be on the lookout for what you cannot see:

Always pre-check your firearm if it's loaded and the chamber is clear!
  1. Keep your finger off the trigger until you intend to fire,
  2. Keep your weapon pointed in a safe direction at all times,
  3. and know your target, what is behind it, and what is beyond it.

Home Safety

Guns can be more dangerous in homes than in public if they're handled by people that don't know these rules. The best way to keep your family safe is to make sure all firearms stay in a place where children cannot reach them. Some gun owners teach their children how to handle a firearm in case of emergencies. A gun should never be left unlocked and loaded near or on top of an object whose height a child could get. Guns also need to be kept out of sight where children can't easily see them, whether they are locked away or given a place that is not too high. Then careful precautions have to be taken so they don't get knocked around when walked past or accidentally bumped, such as keeping them on the floor instead of at eye level like on a bookshelf. Keeping them holstered is standard practice when not in use.

Firearms Safety

It is essential to know your firearm and its use laws before deciding to carry one. You need to understand how to use it safely and where not to have it on your body. It should never be loaded in a house or vehicle if it's not your concealed carry weapon, and it should be unloaded when stored long-term. Unload the firearm if you cannot remember whether or not it is loaded, keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Clean it periodically for proper maintenance, with gloves on and patches or solvent only.

It would help if you always kept your finger outside the trigger guard when using a gun unless you are firing the weapon. You should also not point it at anything or anyone you do not plan to shoot. It is also essential to be aware of what is behind your target because any stray bullets will travel through that area. These are just three basic, yet vital, rules every beginner firearm user should know well when handling a firearm.


This safety tutorial provides all the basics for beginner gun owners. It gives three basic rules to follow to have a safe and easy time handling guns. Optics Planet Logo - Gun Classifieds