Shooting Guns Can Be Therapeutic: Fact Or Fiction?

Shooting Guns Can Be Therapeutic: Fact Or Fiction?
Shooting guns is a new form of therapy called gun therapy

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Shooting guns can be therapeutic and relieve stress. It's a simple statement debated between those promoting its positive psychology benefits and those who refute them, but I believe it to be true.

How shooting guns is beneficial for mental health

Shooting guns can be more than just firing rounds at a shooting range; it can serve as fulfilling an individual's need for relaxation and some stress relief. When proper safety measures are used, shooting guns can make people feel calmer. Shooting guns at a shooting range can also help someone release pent-up aggression that they may have. Along with those two reasons, shooting guns usually require little equipment. They can be done almost anywhere, safely, while making repetitive motions of loading and pulling the trigger, which can release endorphins.

Always be a responsible gun owner and ensure that proper safety precautions are understood and implemented to avoid and prevent negligent behaviors with firearms!

What can you learn from shooting guns?

One great example is you learn to control your breathing and heart rate. Which can help you develop stronger focus abilities. You also relearn a sense of self-control. An interesting way to rid yourself of unproductive thoughts is by shooting guns on the range. Lastly, you learn how to concentrate on a target and follow through based on pull trigger principles and other shooting techniques.

What are the benefits of shooting guns?

Some of the benefits of shooting guns include decompressing, socializing, getting a thrill, and improving focus. Some people who have done it say that they felt relieved in the end and understood why people enjoy this hobby and sport.

Finding a hobby has shown as evidence to decrease stress.

None of these benefits are more valid than others, but it can be treated as another form of art with its own rules and shortcomings. It all depends on your skillsets and interest in maturing your journey in firearms and shooting.

Are there any risks to shooting guns too much?

People who shoot guns should be careful about the following risks:

  • Making sure that everyone is not too close to them when they are shooting.
  • The weapon is loaded with a bullet
  • The muzzle is pointed at other people nearby (not straight up)
  • Checking to make sure there is no dirt or debris inside the weapon's barrel before trying to fire again

These are usual precautions when handling with firearms and the first step to learn before shooting at a range. Treat them seriously.

Shooting guns can be an agent to relieving stress and a visit to the shooting range can help bring this activity to fruition. If you take a visit to the shooting range, there are other shooters there that practice their target practice for a variety of reasons. In 2022, most people have their own form of therapy to decompress and relieve any lingering anxieties. Shooting guns in a safe and appropriate environment is no different. The act of learning and practicing how to shoot for self-defense purposes also can calm the mind to be prepared in case of dangerous scenarios.


Yes, shooting guns can be therapeutic. It is exemplary to those who express that it's not right to use violence to solve our problems.

Shooting a firearm helps clear the mind, concentrate on a task, and make us feel more in control of how to handle ourselves. Optics Planet Logo - Gun Classifieds