How to Teach Your Kids Safe Firearm Handling

How to Teach Your Kids Safe Firearm Handling
Teaching your children safe firearm handling and shooting can massively help prevent accidents

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Guns are a tool for self defense, however many parents want the responsibility of training applicable lessons for their children.

If you have kids and live in an area with gun laws that are strict, be sure you secure firearms away from your children. However, if your guns are accessible to them and they are allowed to handle them as an instrument, then teaching your children self defense firearm training is an important course of action.

You’ll need to let them know what it is about so that they can be prepped if a dangerous situation ever became realized. Purchase a good book on safety, spend time with them around firearms, watch training videos about proper handling and they’ll be better prepared already.

Best places for family firearms training

If you have an authorized and safe shooting range to go to then that would be a great place to start bringing your kids. The goal is to just get your child accustomed to holding a gun, firing in the direction of the target and helping them get used to any questions they have. You never know if it might help them someday.

How to start teaching your kids gun handling

Teach your kids about firearm safety as soon as you can. Make sure your children know to treat every gun as if it is loaded and teach them that guns should only be unloaded in a safe place. If the child forgets where to put the gun in a safe place, tell them not to point it at anyone go somewhere other than their mouth or eyes and make sure that the gun stays locked up in a case and away from all children.

Make sure they know not to pull it on anyone unless it is the absolute last resort and are in serious danger.

Self defense firearm training for your kids

For young children, guns can be a frightening thought if they aren't around them. It can be overwhelming knowing what to do next after purchasing a gun or taking one home for beginners. Gun laws and regulations vary by state but following these tips throughout your child's life will greatly reduce the likelihood of a violent armed encounter taking place and prevent an accident from occurring. Research is key to learning about firearms and the likelihood of accidents. Seek the proper information on different types of guns and looking into their features and whether or not you can use them for self defense.

Your kids safety is the #1 priority, so being certain that they are properly educated and informed about safe firearm etiquette should be your responsibility as a parent.

Purchase a quality firearm from everyone familiar with firearms; a private seller, gun store online, local FFL dealer, etc.

Pros and cons of firearm training for children

The best way to handle a firearm is when you are well-trained and knowledgeable about the tool that it is. The guns don't pull triggers on their own. There are cons to teaching children firearms in the home. Many parents feel as though it would be safer for their child, which may have complications if their child feels unsafe or anxious around guns. There can also be legal consequences if your child mishandles a firearm. The legality for a kid's hand protection comes down to the first-amendment rights that states can have over their citizenry.

Proper training and teaching can help prevent mistakes from happening.


Ensuring the safety of your kids is the most important. If you wish to be prepared as well as prepare your kids to handle a dangerous threat then please take it seriously. Guns are tools, not toys.

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