Is Owning More Than One Firearm Worth It?

Is Owning More Than One Firearm Worth It?
Owning more than one firearm is almost always the right decision

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Find out the realistic benefits of owning multiple firearms

When it comes to the debate of owning more than one firearm, there are many factors to consider. Do you need rifles and pistols? Handguns and shotguns? And would owning a variety of guns really be useful outside of a theoretical firepower situation? In this article, you'll find out what three benefits there are to owning multiple firearms while weighing whether they can be realistically practical for your household.

Is it worth owning more than one firearm?

Sure, one gun might be satisfactory enough to get a job done... but is it worth the extra cost for another? Owning multiple firearms will enable you to deal with various situations. It also may result in reducing the amount of time you need to spend reloading your firearm.

If you are looking for more resources about where to buy your next firearm online we compiled resources for you here.

Yes, they are expensive... if you pay retail. But here's the deal... most of the time, you can buy firearms in the used market for substantially less than what they sell for at retail. A typical example is the Ruger GP100, or any other revolver... a used one will cost you about 15% - 20% of what one brand-new from a retail outlet will set you back. That's pretty sizable savings for what is generally considered to be the best value in revolvers. I also urge you to make sure it's NOT a "private sale" you're making your deal with - some individuals do not have licensed Collector/Dealers in this state, and do not want to pay the 8.25% sales tax they're required by law to pay. Please check with your local state laws to ensure you are in compliance before doing so.

Get the feeling of security

Caring for a firearm and cleaning it properly can be a lot of work, but it will make the gun more accurate and safe to handle periodically. The NRA argues that "home defenders" need at least one revolver and one long rifle, like an AR-15 or shotgun, because having two types of guns makes them safer. One might disagree on the grounds that if a criminal breaks in, you should shoot them with whatever gun is closest. Besides, I have trouble sleeping knowing that my revolver and long gun are in two different places, so if the NRA wants to save me peace of mind having two rifles won't help. An AR-15 is one of the safest guns around.

Fun and challenge

There's more to just shooting. There's the difference in size and weight. The different ammunition types. The cost and the caliber. There's even a lot of firearm terminology for the armchair enthusiasts, especially if you're talking about concealed carry, (if you have your LTC), or open carry pistols.

Hunting, plinking, competitive shooting, military use are all fun activities that involve firearms that anyone can enjoy no matter their skill level!

For those gun enthusiasts who are curious in owning a handgun, it's always wise to approach the choice of your first handgun, with careful training, education and knowledge gained in a classroom setting to know about what you want to be purchasing online.

Practical reasoning for owning a secondary firearm

Having a secondary firearm for home defense is a prudent decision. If your primary firearm is aesthetically inferior or simply not working, you're immobilized and vulnerable in the event of an altercation in your home. Although we want to be careful when it comes to children's safety; there is something important to consider and that's the child may one day inherit your house and upon your passing, they will require access to a gun for self-protection. Thus, having someone proficient and responsible evaluate your firearm and teach the child how to use it properly is a must.

A gun that doesn't shoot straight (if any at all) can cost you your life, so it's critical that you have your firearm properly maintained and you spend time training with it at the shooting range frequently.


Owning multiple firearms can be a smart decision for those who are responsible and understand the dangers of owning guns. depending on your design preferences, you may select different firearm types to keep your home safe and protected. Optics Planet Logo - Gun Classifieds