Popular Personal Protection Guns for Everyday Carry

Popular Personal Protection Guns for Everyday Carry
Personal protection firearms are for what feels right for you and what you perform best with

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Choosing the right gun is crucial, and responsibly carrying it is just as important.

You don't want to pick a firearm that can't do the job, or put yourself in danger by not fully understanding how to shoot. It is extremely imperative that once you do purchase a firearm for personal protection that you also get adequate training for it. The firearm won't protect you itself, it is your duty to know how to handle it in certain situations and when to not. This is also why we recommend getting your LTC, as this training will also be touched on through out its learning curriculum.

Firearms are entirely dependent on each owner's preferences and unique body type. Always pick and go with what is comfortable with you with expert opinions about the firearm itself.

The Glock 19 and Springfield XDM Compact might not be the best for beginners considering their high price tags. The Taurus Millennium G2 is a pretty popular budget handgun with a budget price tag as well. Further, the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield has secured our top spot primarily because it embodies everything gun enthusiasts love about handguns: accessibility, efficiency and ergonomics at an affordable cost.

Best handguns for everyday carry

Choosing which handguns are best for everyday carry is subjective depending on your own preferences when it comes to specific features, caliber and desired power. We’ve picked out some top personal protection guns that we feel are a good bet whether you’re living in the mountains or residential neighborhoods.

Generally, most people go with choosing compact sized firearms as they can be easier to conceal as opposed to full-sized pistols. This is because when you attempt to conceal carry a full-sized pistol, it might not do a great job being concealed. Although, there may also still be issues concealing a compact sized pistol depending on your body type. If you are a woman, there is also resources available online about shopping for your specific body type.

The size of your hand also plays a role in choosing what handgun is best for everyday carry. It would be wise to visit your local FFL to see if they have your preferred handgun in stock before purchasing online.

Checkout the handgun before purchasing at your nearest FLL establishment if they have it on the shelves.

Perhaps you were unaware of a way a specific mechanism worked or how it fits in your hand. These type of things are difficult to foresee, which is way almost always visiting your local FFL can be beneficial to you.

The Benefits of Concealed Carry Weapons

Protection is not just key for our homes but also what we carry every day and concealed carry weapons are the most popular forms of protection.

No matter how well we conceal it, carrying a weapon on your person means constant weight, a bulge in clothing, or gun prints when wearing clothes too tight to accommodate the load.

If you are also thinking about owning multiple concealed carry weapons, that can help for different situations that you are preparing for. It is important to practice situational awareness and always prepare appropriately for the occasion.

What to Expect When Buying a Handgun

Buying a handgun should be looked through the perspective of a long-term investment that you feel confident in making. The process of buying a handgun is mostly the same as buying any legal firearm in the United States.

It could be a Glock, or even an old school revolver. Regardless of what it is, spend time in researching it and considering cost to draw comparisons.

Ensure that you are happy with your choice before pulling the trigger as not many stores will take back firearms unless they have acted as middleman during a sale.


Gun ownership is a vast topic because each person will have different views on it. What's best for you will depend on many factors such as your gun knowledge, what you can carry with you, your self-defense skills, and the kind of crime where you live.

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