How to Prep Your Significant Other for Self-Defense in Your Home

How to Prep Your Significant Other for Self-Defense in Your Home
Start preparing your significant other for self-defense in your home by training at the shooting range more often

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There are many things you can do to prepare your home and your family for the worst. One of these is training at a shooting range so that you are knowledgeable on how to shoot guns when needed. Make sure that you talk to your significant other before trying out new firearms, or pick up one of the best guns deals in 2022 now!

What to look for in a firearm for your significant other

A typical defensive firearm such as a pistol should be easy for someone to handle, especially beginners. It should be lightweight, preferably of 9mm caliber or higher, and with a grip that fits the shooter's hand. The trigger should also be easily recognizable with 3-2-1 pull meaning that it will take three pressure points of the shooter's finger to pull the trigger at any one time, which makes it difficult to accidentally fire without noticing.

This comes with training at the shooting range as well as open communication with the preferences of the shooter.

Buying guns online

If someone was to break into it, they would have to go through the changes they make and come out on the other side with multiple injuries and a few teeth removed. If a person does not want that to happen, they should buy guns for their home for protection. First of all, always check your local laws before going to purchase real guns.

Importance of shooting range training

Shooting on a regular basis helps build muscle memory and become a reflexive habit. Dry firing can also help fix anticipating the recoil before you pull the trigger. Managing the adrenaline that comes with an active shooting can be achieved by training beforehand. It also allows for more practiced, controlled shots, as in a well-lit indoor range where sweat-covered hands won't affect the view of the target and reloading is not required.

How to teach someone to defend themselves

In any home defense scenario, you need to teach your significant other how to defend themselves so that they have a chance of getting out alive without some serious injuries. This can be done through self-defense classes or training with a professional. You also should instruct them on how to use the various weapons in your house and how to keep a safe distance from others if attacked.


Getting your significant other to fight by your side when the going gets tough is not usually easy. It takes dedication, patience, and understanding. Keep educating them on the steps of preparation until they are comfortable with their role. The important thing is to get them prepared in case your home ever becomes attacked. Optics Planet Logo - Gun Classifieds