What is the Process of Buying a Gun Online?

What is the Process of Buying a Gun Online?
Purchasing a firearm online legally in the United States, common questions that are answered

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Buying a gun online might seem like it should be easy - and for the most part, it is.

Buying a gun online: some quick facts.

With that said, there are certain things you should know before purchasing any firearm from your laptop or mobile phone. In this article, we've outlined all of them so you can make an informed decision. We also have compiled a concise resource guide that can answer the most common questions if you are looking to purchase your first firearm online.

If you are searching for more information about the process of buying guns online in the United States, check out what you need to know here.

How long does it take to ship a gun when buying online in the United States?

When you buy a gun online in the United States, it can take a few weeks for the gun to be shipped. This is because of the red tape and bureaucracy required to do so. The buying process becomes more difficult if you're not in a state with as lenient laws. Usually there are also laws that vary from state to state, but the general process still stands. Expect a few weeks for your gun to arrive to your nearest FLL, just to be sure. In the era of instant gratification and same day shipping, patience pays off.

Are there any restrictions when buying a firearm online?

The law says that you must be at least 18 years old to purchase a firearm online. You must also provide your home state and country of residence. If you are buying a semi-automatic rifle, the law requires that you complete an ATF form 4473, which can take up to 20 minutes, give or take. Some FLL establishments have this readily available for you to fill out on the computer but most are still using just pen and paper for their own records.

ATF form 4473 is still required to fill out if you're buying a gun online, unless you have a LTC

Background checks: how fast are they and who can I call to get one?

Background checks for a gun purchases will normally take about three business days. If there are delays due to missing information, you should receive a notice from the FFL establishment. In general, background checks can't be initiated more than 14 business days before the date of sale. This is interesting to keep note of in case there are any circumstances for your plans to buy a gun online.

What is the cheapest way to buy a gun online?

You can buy a gun online for a fairly affordable price. You just need to make sure you're buying it from a licensed, authorized dealer and are in compliance with Federal and State laws. An affordable way to shop is to use the "gun shows" as they are advertised on websites such as GunShows-USA. This website also allows you to purchase guns privately, but you'll want to be sure the seller is legally able to sell firearms in your state and you'll want to meet at an agreed location. Some private sellers also only sell to LTC holders. This is another pro for aiming to obtain your LTC license as soon as possible.

What is the process of buying a gun online?

The process of buying a gun online is quite simple. You go to the website of your preferred firearms dealer online and select which gun you would like to purchase. Along with our resource page, we also compiled an online firearms buying guide if you seek more information about what deals to look for and more.  Once you have completed your purchase, you will be required to enter your contact information and the contact information of your chosen FLL establishment. The FLL establishment will contact you when the firearm arrives for you to come in and pick it up.

Keep in mind that when you arrive to pick up your firearm that you purchased online, you will still be required to successfully pass a FBI background check.


Buying a gun online can sometimes be the best way to ensure that you find the best deal for a firearm. Shopping online can even end up saving you money in the long-run so that you may buy more than one gun online.

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