Simple, Immediate Tips for Shooting Better at the Range

Simple, Immediate Tips for Shooting Better at the Range
Some immediate tips that can drastically help you shoot better at the range and fix your shooting problems

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Shooting is a fun yet challenging sport. It's not always easy to hit things when you're just starting, so here are eight essential shooting range tips to help you out on your first few trips!

How to Shoot Better at the Range

  • Grip the gun comfortably to keep your sights lined up with the target
  • Five rounds per second is a manageable pace for engaging and hitting a moving target – that's 1.5 seconds or 180 degrees.
  • Remember to breathe evenly and take time to steady your position before resuming fire
  • Ensure your trigger pull is accurate and used with the pad of your index finger

Adjusting Your Back Stance

It sounds counter-intuitive, but it will increase accuracy by concentrating the weight on your back leg and positioning the legs shoulder-width apart. For most people, this position also makes it easier to brace against the weapon's recoil.

Also keep in mind to lean forward ever so slightly, your nose should be over your toes

How to Start Hitting Your Target More Accurately

The best way to hit your target more accurately is to get a feel for the firearm's action. Put live ammunition rounds in the gun and squeeze off a few shots on stationary targets. Any decent firing range has these targets set up, so go on out and practice!

Once you're comfortable with the gun, it'll be easier to make precise shots, even when your target isn't still or predictable. With less time spent adjusting each shot at the range and more time spent shooting, you'll train your brain to react faster when trying to hit moving targets in stressful situations. If practicing this skill isn't an option due to hours commitment or a lack of transportation, then have another shooter shoot while you watch. You can get an experienced person at the range working with you and teaching you how they move while they shoot, which will give you a better understanding of how your body reacts instinctively from someones else's experience.

What Is Taking You Too Long To Aim?

If you take too long to aim and fire, something is likely preventing you from lining up your shot correctly. One of the following scenarios may be occurring:

  • You are shooting with something else on top of your weapon that slightly interferes with your view.
  • Your distance to the target is too great for sight alignment. - If you are running dual optics, try dividing attention between which one to shoot at the different ranges of rifle engagement.
  • The environment may be harsh enough to distract you from concentrating on the task.


The number one thing you can do to shoot better is shooting more and using the necessary equipment for the range. Practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the more your accuracy will improve. Practicing regularly when you're at the range and shooting regularly, your accuracy will improve dramatically compared to someone who shoots less often.

To accumulate an accurate amount of rounds, make 75 - 100 shots with every caliber every week. Shoot quarterly 25 hoops with each pistol and 100 rounds with a semi-automatic rifle every quarter. Keep in mind that it takes about 600 rounds for handguns and 300 rounds for bolt-action rifles to understand the particular "kinks" and begin acquiring proficiency with it. Optics Planet Logo - Gun Classifieds