Trigger Finger Placement 101: Shoot Accurately

Trigger Finger Placement 101: Shoot Accurately
Trigger Finger Placement 101: Shoot Accurat
Proper trigger finger placement can be a problem that reduces mistakes in aiming and firing accurately at your target. Check out this guide to find out how to put your finger on the trigger properly when firing.

Where you put your finger on the trigger is usually overlooked when it comes to analyzing your shot's accuracy.

Due to the importance of this topic, it deserves more clarity on the reasons why the placement you put your index finger on the trigger greatly determines where your bullet fires on your target surface area.

Table of Contents:

Trigger Finger Placement - Angle

What it means when it says "Angle" is the approach of where exactly your index finger comes from when placing it on the trigger. The side or in front? It is much easier to think of this as your index finger approaching from the side of the trigger rather than behind, then in front.

If your index finger appears from the side, then it can be easier for you to place the tip of the finger on the trigger while keeping your knuckles locked and straight.

The direction your trigger finger should pursue is directly towards you, in a straight line fashion, not diagonally.

Trigger Finger Placement - Control

From the moment you approach your trigger with your index finger it is imperative to keep your index finger steady and controlled in its motions.

If you are not mindful of this, it can result in jerky, anxious movements during the trigger pull which can cause the bullets to miss the target.

After you have placed your index finger on the trigger with focused intention, begin to encroach the trigger slowly until you feel "the wall".

"The Wall" is the moment of resistance from the trigger once you begin pulling before it fires.

Once you are at the wall, continue to follow through with the same focused, controlled intention with your sights locked on your target.

Trigger Finger Placement - Follow through

As a novice or a person that is learning how to shoot properly, it can be anxious to expect any recoil as you fire.

That is why it is important to keep in mind the steps and safety ideas of firing and pulling the trigger to ensure an accurate shot.

If you are simply pulling the trigger with no regard of the direction or control of your finger, it can result in an ever-so sudden movement away from your aim before it fires.

Following through with the trigger pull, placed on the tip of your index finger the entire way, pulling the trigger in a straight line towards you, with complete focused control, can help result in shots where you aim.


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