Best Glock Optics For Concealed Carry

Best Glock Optics For Concealed Carry
Best Glock Optics Attachments for Concealed Carry

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All Glock models come with the standard white dot sight, which is usually enough to deal with most shooting situations accurately. While that is true, you should always consider upgrading to upgraded optics to compete with other shooters from a tactical standpoint.

READ: Find reviews on the best handguns sights for concealed carry so that you can choose what pistol and optic work best for you.

Many Glock handgun owners have the same question... but there isn't one answer as each person is different when it comes to what they need out of a pistol sight. What do you use your Glock for? Is it for concealed carry only, or carry and target shooting? Is this for self-defense or recreational shooting? All these factors will determine which Glock optics best suit your firearm.

Different Types of Glock Optics

Pistol sights are typically called optics because they are an accessory added to firearms. Pistol sight designs depend on the sight's job and include three groups:

  • Tactical
  • Target
  • Hunting

Combat sights typically have plain black circles on a white background that are generally set farther apart to make picking up shots more quickly achievable. Target pistol sights usually come in contrasting colors - black front face with orange or red targets - and typically have finer points that make it easier for shooters to line up shots without obscuring them. Hunting pistol sights may resemble either combat or target sights but most often come equipped with large bold as opposed to small fonts, which hunters find more straightforward to see when they're scanning broad brushy fields in search of game animals

Handgun sights can come in various shapes and styles. Most people know that they are either hooded or non-hooded. That is the main difference, but it doesn't say anything else. Some sights have a green or yellow fiber-optic tube, while some have a red fiber optic. Hooded sights are best for hunting but get obscured or over-occupied by sight pictures in a fast-action handgun competition. On the other hand, non-hooded sights provide speed and intent to aiming, but they often cover the target during an engagement scenario.

Where to Buy the Best Optics for Glocks

A Glock is a semiautomatic pistol popular for self-defense because it's lightweight and easy to operate. However, many people struggle with accuracy because of the relatively small sights on the gun. There is also the off chance that their shooting technique needs improvement, we compiled insights on that here. But there are several gunsights and other products out there designed to make shooting better. One tip is to purchase a micro advance reflex sight.

We like the optics from Bushnell as they are a reputable company.

Bushnell Advance Micro Reflex Sight 1x5 MOA Dot, Black

This attachment is made out of black 1X millimeter advance reflex sight/5 MOA dot red reticle, and it fits the mount on the Glock.

There are many places to buy Glock sights. Gun specialty shops, pawnshops, and gun ranges often carry these products if you're lucky. Although in-store does tend to have a markup ranging from 10-20%. So the downside is that you may not be able to find a store in your area that has them and if you do odds are they are more expensive as opposed to buying online. This is why online retailers are another option because they ship anywhere in the country and are more affordable. You should also compare prices and warranty information among online sellers before purchasing.

What Other Accessories Fit a Glock?

Glocks are extraordinarily dependable and personalized firearms, but they can be outfitted with several different accessories to suit whatever the user's needs might be. For instance, lasers are imperative for low-light vision and boost accuracy; tactical lights also serve this purpose. However, weapon holsters can also be added for easy carrying when mounted in non-combat situations.

Additionally, any Glock accessory is compatible with all other models with the same barrel length and width.

Some of the most popular Glock accessories are lasers and holsters, but the company sells a wide range of items. When it comes to optics, one of their most popular products is the G42X, that's currently available for pre-order at $399.


After reviewing many different models of Glock pistols, it is clear that there is no absolute method to choosing the best Glock optics. A more extensive disqualifying feature can negate one small point in favor of one model, so it all depends on personal preference. We can say with certainty, though, that even cheaper than most pistol scopes and fore-grips, there are still some heavy-duty, durable, and rugged optics on the market for Glocks, such as optics made by Trijicon.

Trijicon RMR Adjustable (LED) Sight 3.25 MOA Red Dot, Coyote Brown

Glocks with better optics tend to perform better from an aiming standpoint. This is primarily because they are easier to aim. With a Glock with good optics, you can shoot while standing still and moving around because you have more shoulder coverage, which helps in case your arm gets bumped by a branch. Glocks also have the built-in advantages of extra weight reduction, competitive pricing, and long-lasting durability. Optics Planet Logo - Gun Classifieds