Best Guns for Beginners to Use for Self Defense

Best Guns for Beginners to Use for Self Defense
Best guns for beginners to use for self-defense and protection can vary

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Whether you're looking for your first firearm and you're a novice or you want to get a second one, it's important to know what types of convenience, safety, reliability and cost are important to you in order to make the right buying decision. You'll also want to know how each gun will fire and whether any features on them might not be compatible with your lifestyle. Oh, wait! We've got all the answers right here:

Gun Basics

A gun can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be! It's important to educate yourself on the basics of guns. The first thing you might notice is that there are different parts of a gun and different types of guns. The parts of the gun that you need to know about are the casing or ejection rod which contains ammo (there is either one or two), a firing mechanism (either an external hammer or internal hammer), and a seer rod which advances ammunition in semi-automatic weapons.

Types of Firearms

There are three main firearm types: pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Many people think that the best gun for a beginner is a pistol but this isn't always the case. A pistol is good for close-range cover fire, however long-range shots or multiple targets may require something else. It's also important to remember that handguns are typically harder to shoot than a rifle or shotgun because of its size.

Rifles for Beginners

Rifles, after pistols, are the best guns beginners should purchase. The rifle is great because you can use it in close range or long range combat. You can also load a clip with a lot of bullets and carry around lighter when you're doing short distance shooting.

Shotguns for Beginners

A shotgun is a type of gun that is effective and easy to use. Unlike other guns, it has a wider barrel and thus bigger bore. However, because the bullets are spread out over a wide area, it isn’t good for long range targets. If you want the big bang then this is the one for you!

Pistols for Beginners

I suggest bringing a pistol to the range. Pistols are generally easier to operate and are single-shot, where rifles often have clips for bullets. Simply put, a clip can be more difficult to reload in the event that you misfire. Have at it, you can always buy another rifle!


The five guns listed in this article are all good beginner guns based on my personal experience. I've used many and I'm confident that each one listed would be great for a beginner to learn how to shoot and improve their skills.
Bullets Point: First Gun
Paragraph: The first gun listed was the glock 19 compact, also known as the carry size. This gun is perfect for every day carry since it has all of the same features of a glock 19 but in a smaller grip profile. That makes this gun easy to maneuver, hold onto, and conceal. You can print out an actual copy of the glox 19C slide and frame diagram from Glockstore's website, so you know what the entire layout looks like. Optics Planet Logo - Gun Classifieds