What is M995 5.56mm ammo and where to buy it? [2022]

What is M995 5.56mm ammo and where to buy it? [2022]
What is M995 5.56mm ammo and where to buy it? [2022]
Purchasing ammunition online should always be done with caution and thorough research. This article covers information about M995 ammo.
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Let's get to the information about the ammo!

M995 - Interesting facts

M995 ammo is considered to be armor-piercing. At this time, it is not available for purchase on the consumer market or civilian purchasing.

This means that companies can't legally sell them to civilians and is exclusive to the military.

That makes it a crime for a person or company to possess its armor-piercing bullets and ammunition without the proper licensing or authorization.

There might be some nuances in this topic and we strongly recommend to talk to a Firearms Attorney for more information.

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M995 armor-piercing cartridges were designed in the 1990's and can cause significant damage to your target. They were originally initiated as a component of the Soldier Enhancement Program (SEP), and intended to provide a soldier with an added capability against armored threat vehicles.

Connecting to present day, to help ensure officer safety, this is a big reason why there are restrictions on its possession for civilians. The possibility of civilians concealed-carrying armor-piercing ammo was too great, and is why armor-piercing ammo for handguns is illegal in the US.

However according to the ATF, "Because it is legally permissible to possess armor piercing ammunition under current law, withdrawing the exemption will not place individuals in criminal possession of armor piercing ammunition."

This is why we recommend talking with a Firearms Attorney for concrete information. It is generally always the safer route to advise with a legal-expert, as words can be vague, statements can be misinterpreted, and conclusions can be misconstrued.

Armor-piercing bullets are by designed meant to penetrate body vests, protective shields, and armored vehicles and not expand upon impact. It is essential to understand the current laws that may or may not permit it for your particular firearm.

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M995 - Where can you buy it?

M995 ammo can't be bought online or at local FFL dealers for civilians. You might be able to find M995 ammo at some military surplus stores but don't count on it.

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