Should You Choose a Glock as Your First Pistol?

Should You Choose a Glock as Your First Pistol?
Choosing a Glock as your first pistol is a great choice, here is some more information about what to expect when buying

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This article about Glocks includes a full-size image of the six different types of Glocks and the models or prices. Included also are links to several Amazon pages. In this informative blog post, you won't have to look up different brands and models at various gun shops - check out what's in stock on Amazon!

Tips for Buying a Gun Online in the United States

If you are looking to buy your first firearm overall, it would be wise to gather more information about the buying process for the United States. We have compiled information for you in a post here. Most firearm websites provide buyers the chance to buy their products at lower prices than what you would find in stores. The best way to save money is by always shopping around to know what deals are out there and compare them against one another.

Now, on to the Glocks!

Concealed Carry Glocks by Category

There are many concealed carry Glocks. Similar to carrying a gun, carrying a concealed Glock is usually safer than carrying openly. There are older models that should still be used because they offer better features than the newest iterations of the semi-automatic pistol.

One thing to keep note of when shopping for a Glock is the size of its frame. Some common Glocks used for concealed carry are:

Concealed Carry Glocks by Magazine Capacity

Many Glock pistols are robust and well-suited for concealed carry. One such Glock is the 35, which has a 13+1 capacity. Another option is the 45S polymer, with 15 rounds in its chamber. The Glock 26 is another excellent option for concealed carry and has a 12-round magazine. These are all examples of varying magazine capacity. Now depending on what your preference is for a concealed carry weapon, usually a civilian does not need so many rounds for a last-resort option. But to each their own.

Concealed Carry Pistols in Comparison to Other Sizes

This post is about the asking if you should purchase a Glock, most notably because it can be the concealed carry pistol for your everyday carry. The blog mentions a few areas of comparison between firearms and other gun types that may create some confusion in this area.

We have a post about other popular concealed carry weapons if you would like to learn more!

Full-sized Glocks are available to carry but for some this might be inconvenient to conceal. The Glock 45 is a full-sized pistol and there are people that use it as their concealed carry weapon, but that should not mean it is right for everyone. A concealed carry weapon should appeal to your needs and preferences.

Why Choose a Glock Over Other Models?

Glocks are popular among gun enthusiasts and novices. We always recommend to visit your local shooting range to see what works well for you. An interesting advantage for buying a Glock is its aftermarket support. There are several companies that provide the ability to replace your stock parts of your Glock with improvements or modifications to your liking. Optics Planet Logo - Gun Classifieds