Can You Buy Semi-Automatic Rifles Online for Home Defense?

Can You Buy Semi-Automatic Rifles Online for Home Defense?
Semi-automatic rifles can be an effective weapon for home defense, but are they right for you?

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In short, yes.
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The argument of whether or not semi-automatic rifles are effective for self defense is a heated one. One side argues that guns are already too lethal, and that the addition of assault rifles would only make them more dangerous for innocent bystanders in case of an attack. But this is for home defense, not open carry.

On the other side, those who advocate using semi-automatic rifles say they're as effective as any other type of gun in self defense for your property. We also wrote about the process of buying a semi-automatic rifle online if you are in the market for one.

Pros and Cons of Semi-Automatic Rifles for Home Defense

Brief pros and cons for semi-automatic rifles as your home defense weapon

Semi-automatic rifles are becoming more popular for home defense. They're quick, easy to use, and you can quickly discharge rounds with them. However, they're also very loud, so you should make sure that the shots won't disturb or alert anyone else in the house, if possible of course. They can generally shoot a much larger round than handguns, which makes your chances better to penetrate a hard target. Owning more than one gun in this case can benefit you. Always be conscious of collateral to do your best to avoid dangerous mistakes.

There aren't many compact-ish semi-automatic rifles that can best serve that compact advantage of a 9mm caliber or handgun. If you choose to buy a semi-automatic rifle online from an online store, make sure you decide on what caliber you prefer. The semi-automatic rifles also aren't able to be concealed as effective as your concealed carry weapon, but for solely a home defense weapon, it can serve its purpose effectively.

Ensure that you are in compliance with Federal and Local laws when purchasing a semi-automatic rifle online.
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If your home also contains land surrounding it, then semi-automatic rifles could be a better option than staying with a handgun. Some people feel most comfortable using their handgun as their home defense gun because that is what they carry. It always comes down to preference for your firearm and how comfortable you feel with it. Training, adequate practice with your semi-automatic rifle should be always a consistent habit if you are to use it as your home defense weapon.

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